Never in my wildest dreams did I think Chad could take my garage and not only make room for 2 cars but make it look beautiful, organized and so clean! I need to go buy more stuff to fill it up! Fast, efficient, on time, follows through, worth every cent I spent on getting my garage organized. Loved Chad. Very professional.

~ Marilyn


Calling all moms!  Yesterday, Chad Karst came to our house and basically gutted and reconfigured my (previously nightmarish) garage, built some shelves, and organized everything beautifully. He even dropped off a car load full of stuff at Goodwill for us at the end of the day. He did a fantastic job! So, thank you! He also does basements as well as garages ...and probably anything else you can think of that can stand to be organized.

~ Allison


More room to open doors in garageNow that Chad's organized our garage, I literally walk in there a couple times a day just to look at it! I love it. It's the little things in life that make you happy...like being able to open your car door all the way or have an unobstructed path to the exit door - very nice when you are carrying a bucket car seat! ...

~ Lisa


The Garage Guru cleaned, painted and organized my garage! Now the space feels more like part of my house and not just a place to ‘dump’ things. He is quick, reasonable, and makes each space useful!

Thank you, Garage Guru!!!!

~ Laura


A satisfied pair of customersIt's like it was meant to happen, as I had a garage catastrophe that I hadn't quite resolved how to mitigate...He was responsive...He would clean everything out, sort it, clean the garage, and put back [everything] in an organized manner. Finally . . . a plan! It went more quickly than I imagined. I surprised my husband with the early results, and he couldn't believe it...at the end, we couldn't believe how great it looked...my neighbors are all jealous! ...

~ Kirsti


Another shout out for Chad! He completed our garage last week and we couldn't be happier. Properly cleaning and organizing our garage has been on our list of things to do for three years now. Chad took care of it better than we ever could in one day. We highly recommend him!

~ Stacy


Thank you! I'm glad this is turning into such a positive experience for her. This is exactly what I had in mind and was hoping for! ...

~ Randi