Our Services


A few of the services we offer:

  • Utility Space Organization • Complete organization of your utility space for useability, efficiency, and practicality. Utility spaces include but are not limited to: garages, storage units, basements, workshops, utility sheds, barns, stables, etc.

  •  Storage Solutions • We provide a full range of custom shelving, overhead storage, storage racks, sports equipment storage, workbenches, tool storage and much more.

  • Purging • We'll get rid of unwanted items. Services include properly disposing of garbage, overflow, and delivering donated items to local donation centers.

  • Power Cleaning • Power vacuum floors, walls and ceiling to inexpensively get your space looking new again. We also offer full power washing of floors to get rid of ugly stains and spills!

  • Painting • Paint the interior of your space

  • Custom Cabinets and Workbenches • Our team and associates will design and install custom utility cabinets and work areas/benches for any space

  • Custom Flooring • Flooring systems include epoxy floor coverings or polypropylene modular flooring (tiles)

  • Concrete Repair and Work • Driveway through garage floor sealing and/or replacement



Typical Project Process:

  1. Completely strip space of contentsYard with garage clutter
  2. Organize contents on driveway by functionality
  3. With the help of the client go through each organized item and determine if the item(s) are garbage, items that need to be donated or if the items will be kept
  4. Deliver donated items to local donation center or arrange for a donation pick-up
  5. Power clean and vacuum interior of space and/or power wash (if desired)
  6. Install appropriate storage solutions (shelves, racks, storage, etc.) in order to get all kept items back into the space, organized neatly and preferably off of the ground if possible



Service Area Includes: Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins & all along the Front Range west to Vail